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Sterilisation accessories and control systems

Container accessories

To safeguard germ barrier and batch traceability with sterile containers

Absorbent inner layers
soaks up the condensate inside the sterilisation container or tray, uniformly spreads it and therefore allows a better vaporisation during the drying process.

For this field of application also stericlin® Trayliner are qualified:

Container labels are self-adhesive and provide enough space to note all data that are required for the traceability of sterile goods. Stericlin® container labels can be easily removed from the container at the point of use and can be attached to the respective patient files.

Container seals allow sealing all common container systems with a locking loop in a convenient and safe way.

Container filters are a reliable barrier against bacteria and germs. Stericlin® container filters are for single use only and guarantee a reproducible and very high quality.