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See-through packaging Tyvek® and film

Field of application: VH2O2 (PLASMA), EO, FORM, IRRAD - thermolabile instruments and sets

The quality of see-through packaging made of Tyvek® and film is decisively determined by the choice of materials. Stericlin® only uses the strongest medical grade of Tyvek®: Type 1073 B with 75 g/m². Outstanding barrier properties against germs, bacteria and moisture, and also extremely high resistance to penetration and fibre-free peeling are particular characteristics of this sterile barrier system.

Tyvek® is a non-woven polyethylene fabric manufactured by DuPont. Tyvek® is not suitable for steam sterilisation, but fully compatible with the requirements of VH2O2 (plasma) sterilisation and irradiation. This sterile barrier system is also first choice for gas sterilisation, for Tyvek® hardly absorbs any toxic gases and thus results in residual toxic gas levels that are far below the legal limit values.

Information about the validation for the sealing- and packaging process is available here.