VP Group

Ideas out of paper and film


The VP Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of reliable and innovative packaging solutions for various applications. Founded in 1896, we are now successfully in our fourth generation as a family-owned company. We provide security, reliability and partnership for customers, employees and suppliers as the centre of our businesses. As a climate neutral group, we pursue ambitious goals in order to consolidate our pioneering role in climate protection.

Our vision

The VP group is the partner of choice for demanding packaging solutions in all strategic business units. We strive to secure and expand our leading market position in these market segments. Long-term orientation and continuous profitable growth; safeguard the existence as an independent heritage company.Our lean organization structures help us to supply selected markets with customized products and premium quality. We delegate decisions to expert local staff to respond quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers. We take our social responsibility seriously. We are committed to sustainable management and the protection of man and nature.

Our business

Four business units permanently secure profitable growth and therefore the independence of the VP Group: premium carrier bags, flexible shipping packaging, sterile barrier systems and indicator systems, and medical packaging represent an extensive, technologically and qualitatively superior product range. In all four business units, we have a leading market position. Our strong network of production companies and sales offices ensures, together with our trading partners, a global presence. Our products are at home in more than 70 countries.

Our engagement

As an intergenerational family-owned company, preservation, long-term planning and sustainability are for us not just slogans, but part of the practised corporate strategy. We conserve resources, reduce emissions, investing in energy efficiency, using paper from sustainable forestry and recycling of our waste in parts. Early on, we have therefore changed our production to watersoluble colours and coatings. We know our carbon footprint and have reached our ambitious goal in 2020: Saving 20% of CO2 emissions based on 2010. CO2 emissions have been reduced by 25%. The residual amount of greenhouse gases we compensate for by quality VCS emission reduction certificates. That means: We balance our CO2-emissions by promoting climate protection projects that contribute to the protection of the atmosphere and reducing the greenhouse effect. Thereby we produce carbon-neutral at all locations! In addition, we offer our customers the possibility to use 100% carbon neutral packaging products.