Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken GmbH, Germany

Our main production site in Feuchtwangen, Bavaria was established in 1974. The production includes:

  • modern machinery for the printing and production of different carrier bags and air bubble bags as well as other products made of paper and film
  • a clean room production for printing and manufacturing of medical packaging for use in hospitals and the medical device industry
  • an automated warehouse with sufficient capacity to respond at short notice and with flexibly to customer needs

Currently, more than 450 highly qualified employees work in production and management at the site. Through our excellent professional training of junior employees, we ensure our expertise and our competence for the future.


Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken GmbH
Industriestrasse 6
D-91555 Feuchtwangen

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Fax +49 (0) 9852 901-174